DIY Pinspiration : Canvas Art!

This weekend I was inspired by the top left photo above from Pinterest to try a DIY version of this chic handwritten canvas for my own den. The results are shown in the top right picture and four pictures below, and I have to say, I loved the end result. Therefore, I wanted to share how I made it for all those who may be interested in making their own piece.  

The materials are pretty simple—one large white canvas, white & black paint, a large and small paintbrush and a pencil. First, paint your canvas entirely white and wait for it to dry. Then, handwrite your message in pencil in cursive on your canvas. Lastly, use a smaller paintbrush to paint your cursive message in black paint. And that’s it—a chic, simple piece of canvas art with a message that is sure to stand out!

(Top right and bottom four photos from Explore*Handmade)