Drop a Boo! 

Halloween is certainly not known as a major holiday for card giving. Nonetheless, I often send fun cards to close family members and friends on this day. As it’s frequently my first holiday card for the year (other than sometimes birthdays and Easter), it’s a way to reconnect with loved ones prior to the major upcoming holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also just enjoy Halloween fun. Who wouldn’t love a holiday that involves sweets and playing dress-up and it being socially acceptable as an adult? I’d love to hear what E*H readers are going as this year for Halloween—drop a line in the comments section or via Tumblr. I’m still on the hunt for a costume!

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Fangs Card / Orange Halloween Card / Boo! Card / Skull Card / Birdcage Card / Trick or Treating Card / Hey Pumpkin Card / Brooms Card / Happy Halloween Banner Card / Simple Happy Halloween Card

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