The Thanksgiving Spread No. 1

I’m excited for the first Thanksgiving spread post. It’s the first of a few posts I am planning over the coming weeks of handmade items to spruce up your Thanksgiving table.

I have yet to throw a dinner party where I prearrange the seating and set out name tags. But after attending one myself a few weeks ago, I think I’ll have to give it a try. Inevitably, if you don’t assign guests a seat, they sit next to their significant other and their closest friends. That is great but what I loved about the dinner party I attended a few weeks ago was that it allowed me to interact with people I wouldn’t have otherwise, and I think made for more lively conversations at the table generally. If you think you may want to give prearranged seating a try this year at your Thanksgiving table, the name place cards above are simply delightful. What do you think—yay or nay on assigned seating for dinner parties or Thanksgiving?

Left to right, top to bottom: watercolor place card / manilla vintage tags with lower case first name place card / hand calligraphy fall leaves place card / autumn fall leaves place card / place card cookie favor / red and gold place card / first and last name calligraphy card / his and hers table name cards

(All photos from respective shops linked to above)