Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are a set of questions asked frequently. Please also feel free to e-mail if you have a question--it's great hearing from readers, artists and makers. You can e-mail ExploreHandmade at gmail.com or click here

What camera do you use for your images on Explore Handmade?

I use a Nikon D7000, which I have been very happy with since I purchased it last year. The quality is consistently excellent, and it is great for those looking to take their photography to the next level.   

Can I advertise on your blog?

I am interested in possibly entertaining advertising on my blog in the future if the advertiser is a good fit for my blog and its readers. Please Contact Us for more information.

Will you come to a handmade event I’m having?

It never hurts to ask. I live in NYC so if the event is related to small handcrafting businesses or crafting in the area, I will definitely be interested. Also, I always try to attend local craft fairs in my area and would love to hear about any that are coming up to add to our Events Calendar. For those events outside the NYC area, please feel free to drop a line but it will be harder to attend.

Can I do a giveaway on your blog?

I do not promote or showcase stores or goods on my blog that I do not truly love, including for giveaways. However, I'm open to considering any good for a giveaway. If you would like to do a giveaway on my blog, please fill out a Submissions form and we'll be in touch. No payment will be accepted by Explore Handmade in connection with a giveaway. 

Can I send you something I make or sell for you to blog about it?

As noted above, I don’t blog about anything I don’t absolutely love, even if you are kind enough to send it to me for free. I do sometimes receive goods for free from businesses to review on this website, however, this is clearly marked as such in the post, and I will only review an item provided for free if it is something I genuinely like and think my readers would like as well. This is something that I think is important to my readers and to the content of my blog. If you would like to send me something to review, please feel free to do so (e-mail me at ExploreHandmade at gmail.com or see Contact Us) but that does not guarantee in any way that it will be featured on the blog. 

Can I pay for a blog post about my product/business?

Unfortunately, no. I’ve decided to not make posts available for payment to preserve the authenticity of my blog. 

Can I pay for a sponsored post?

I will consider sponsored posts from businesses that have goods that are a good fit for Explore Handmade, and that readers will appreciate. Please contact ExploreHandmade at gmail.com or Contact Us to discuss further.

Will you interview a crafter or small business for a blog post?

Yes! This is definitely something we are interested in doing in the future if the store or good is something readers will enjoy. Please fill out a Submissions Form to inquire further. 

Can I write a guest post on your blog? 

While I am interested in potentially featuring guest posts in the future, I will limit this to bloggers and/or makers that are a good match for the Explore Handmade community. Please Contact Us with your information to discuss further. 

Can you do a guest blog on my blog?

If the blog is consistent with the content of this blog, and I believe I can add value to the other blog, I will guest blog on other blogs. Please e-mail ExploreHandmade at gmail.com or Contact Us to discuss further. 

Who designed Explore Handmade?

This web site was designed by Sarah Renee, the author, and all photographs, unless otherwise noted, are by Sarah Renee. Sarah Renee also does freelance web design for small businesses and would be happy to discuss collaborating on a design, web or branding project.  Please fill out the Contact Us form for further information.